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Manufacturing Execution Systems

McRae American provides the tools to monitor and manage production efficiently through better communication between the process control center and ERP. McRae equips customers with customized solutions to satisfy their requirements. McRae's process is to gather data effectively, recognize irregularities, and communicate with equipment, PLCs, databases and ERPs, using these to provide a better process while decreasing user interaction. McRae brings 20 years of experience into MES with experience in packing, checking, food & beverage, among other applications. Services include evaluation, consultation, and implementation of MES solutions. McRae's web interface allows access to data from anywhere, keeping the customer in control.

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MES Services

McRae offers a variety of MES services:

  • Customized MES Solutions
  • Upgrades to Existing MES
  • Customized Data Displays
  • Web-Based Reporting
  • Application-Tailored Reports
  • Exception-Based Email Alerting
  • Chart Recorder Replacement